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Why Shop Local?

Originally Published on: 27-10-2015

Why Shop Local?
Originally Published: 27-10-2015

Shoppers' Habits Are Changing

The drift from high street to supermarket and out of town shopping is accelerating. The internet and home delivery are increasing rapidly. Those who were successful before will not necessarily be successful in the future. To maximize your chances of increasing sales you must have a good internet presence that is noticed. The big retailers know this and take good advantage from the internet. They are winning the war against other businesses by understanding the market better. Pool resources and compete. ishoplocal.me is part of that new competition; putting local business on the front page.


A Richer Community Can Do More To Help Itself

It stands to reason that when we are well off we can look after each other but that in harder times some groups suffer. Local spending depends on you and the choices you make. You must decide who puts in to the community and who takes money from it. Think about who you wish to support. It is more important than who you vote for sometimes.


Shopping Locally And The Environment

On the face of it reducing food miles is a good idea but more pollution is caused by us driving to the shops for odd items that are urgently required. A gallon of petrol for a pint of milk is worse than half a gallon of kerosene for a pound of air freight runner beans. 

We suggest using the efficient delivery services offered by supermarkets if that is where you shop. It helps reduce impulse buying too. 

We have to think a little about why we are supporting local traders. The distribution of food is made efficient by businesses reacting to transport and warehousing costs. Convenience shopping is where the problem can be tackled. 

If we use a freezer and adapt our shopping to reduce the number of trips to the shops we can make a small difference. In these austerity driven times this makes economic sense too. A large chest freezer will cost £2-£3 a week in electricity but pays for itself if you shop one time less in the car. Food can be cheaper too if bought in bulk. 

These are lifestyle choices and the main effect on our quality of life is the availability of good shops. The traffic is always going to be excessive for perfect convenience shopping so we must assume those who are out there in their cars need to be.